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Why Okinawan Karate?

Karate means 'empty hand'. The main objective in Okinawan karate is the perfection of oneself through both physical and mental development. As students learn the art of self-defense, they acquire self-confidence, serenity, and the ability to concentrate. Okinawan karate combines a well-rounded exercise program with some advantages over other styles. Including:

About Kihon: FAQ

* Okinawan kicks and punches are thrown from natural stances, eliminating wasted motions and giving you split-second advantages over opponents using other styles

* It is the most realistic style of karate, stressing "close-in" techniques necessary for effective street-style application, where you haven't time for elaborate, time-consuming wind-ups of other styles.

* Martial arts, and Okinawan karate in particular, can help in your professional life, since the mental and physical conditioning provides an opportunity to "wind down" from daily tensions and frustrations

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