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About Shihan John

Shihan John Libiszewski is a 5th Dan in Okinawan karate and has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts. He is a Vietnam veteran having served in the Navy. Throughout his career in the arts he has competed internationally, performed numerous demonstrations and seminars promoting Okinawan karate, and continued to teach karate and self defense.

About Shihan John: Inner_about

Group shot from Vietnam veteran Shihan John Libiszewski in front of an aircraft. Can you spot him?

About Shihan John: Welcome

Shihan John lying on a bed of nails, while Hanshi Al Mady smashed concrete blocks with a sledgehammer back in the day

About Shihan John: Welcome

Shihan John performing a brick break, displaying a well-conditioned hand.

About Shihan John: Welcome

Shihan John belt promotion back in the day

About Shihan John: Welcome
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